aaa History Since 1993, River Bicycles has been located at 12 Riversville Rd. The dust has settled, and we are now located at 17 Glenville Street. bbb



River Bicycles was started in 1983 as Cycle Dynamics in Westport, CT.


Ken Alder opened a second location in Glenville CT in 1993 and then focused operations here.


In 2012, Frank and ken moved down the Street to 17 Glenville Street.


In 2018, River Bicycles moved 5 minutes away to its new and improved location at 138 Hamilton Avenue, Greenwich CT.  


I, Frank DeLio, was trained for 15 years under the previous owner and am now sole owner/operator Since 2013.


In addition to being a trained chef and former competitive cyclist, I have long been interested in the mechanics of bicycle maintenance. The principles of a well run kitchen carry over to a well run bike shop. I am dedicated to the pursuit of cycling and craft of bicycle maintenance and I am excited to continue here in Greenwich!!!!


So, that is my history, thank you all for being the biggest part of it.


Year 35: March 2018

Year 30: April 2013

Year 30: April 2013



Year 10: April 1993




Year 1: February 1, 1983